During Alexia's time as a professional saxophonist, she works to play other significant roles within the field.


Louisiana State University

The LSU School of Music offers a comprehensive music program with nearly 400 majors. It has over 50 faculty, 20 professional staff and 90 graduate assistants. It sponsors over 300 recitals, concerts, operas, and lectures each academic year. The LSU School of Music has a rich history and tradition of musical excellence in academic and performance pursuits. Recently celebrating its centennial anniversary, the School of Music was one of the first music programs to be accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music in 1932. With sustained excellence in its academic and performance programs, the School of the Music has been selected twice by LSU as a “Foundations of Excellence” program on campus.


Woodwind Care Products

KEY LEAVES® is a Seattle-based family business specializing in woodwind care products that leave keys open to dry clean. Key Leaves was founded by Rulon Brown, a professional sax player and music teacher who grew up fixing horns at his local music store. Like all saxophonists, he ran into the problem of sticky key pads that cause playing malfunction and costly repair. So he created natural-care products that leave keys open to dry clean. The outstanding results are thrilling to sax players and educators eager to protect precious instruments and keep their horns playing well!


North American Saxophone Alliance

The Committee on the Status of Women (CSW) promotes gender equity in areas related to saxophone, supports the professional development of women and gender non-binary members in the North American Saxophone Alliance, and serves as a repository of resources and information about women+ and saxophone. The CSW serves the North American Saxophone Alliance in matters that are critical to all saxophonists.


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